Anonymous asked:

i hope i don't seem rude asking this, but will you be doing any pjo drawings once blood of olympus comes out?

viria answered:

don’t worry, you’re fine:)

I think the possibility of that is really really high.


Anonymous asked:

At my school we had the same problem, because it's Catholic and they didn't want a book with gays. I mean, the religion is about loving everybody as love yourself, but apparently not the homosexuals?

Exactly! Thats what I think! I don’t understand it at all…

Anonymous asked:

Small Anecdote- I go to a Catholic school, and they refused to have House of Hades in the library because of the whole Nico/Percy thing, which irritated me to literally no end (Percico shipper :3). It was 300x worse because they still had the TMI series, where Alec and Magnus were together and it was a whole sub-plot. I don't get their logic -.-

I totally agree with you! I am also Catholic, and until 4th grade I went to a Catholic shool, as well. Almost the exact same thing happened to me, and it was absolutely ridiculous! It was with another book that had lesbian character that they didn’t have in the library. My dad e-mailed the school and they responded with, “the book shows a misleading amount of homosexuality that children should not have to experience,” something like that. I’m one to support gay rights, and I hate how our religion practically disowns it! The whole coincidence was crazy. I don’t know, nothing much we can do.